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Read what our students who graduated from our following programs have to say!

Undergraduate Testimonials

  • I recently graduated with my BScN nursing degree from McMaster. This incredible program did not only prepare me to be a RN, but it also taught me how to treat every individual with respect, dignity and worth both in and out of the profession. Before starting my nursing journey I shamelessly made judgments and assumptions of others. The wonderful professors and person-based style of learning at McMaster allowed me view every patient equally and learn their unique stories. I have learnt that behind every individual is a story, hardships and success along with the importance to listen to the client without judgement. This nursing program will allow each and every one of you to learn how to view the patient as a human being despite their diagnosis, appearance and background which allows you to provide the best care possible. Your McMaster nursing future awaits you!  Kylie Mudford-Heeney BScN Graduate
  • With my previous undergraduate degree being Exercise Science, I've always been passionate about health and the human body, and wanted to further my career in a path that would allow me to be of service to optimize the health of people around me. I chose nursing because the profession in itself would allow me to be of favour to a variety of different people, such as those that are fighting disease or illness as well as those in which I could help prevent disease.

    Choosing McMaster Nursing has been the best decision I could make to enhance my nursing career and has helped shape me as a future nurse. I came to choose this program through my understanding of the prestige and extensive resources of McMaster nursing and by speaking to peers, who have graduated from the program with success and are now exceptional nurses, The program is filled with incredibly knowledgeable professors, clinical instructors, and resources that have helped me succeed in my becoming of a nurse. Those who choose McMaster nursing will benefit from this program in the same way that it has helped me – which was to create, shape, and mold a nurse to make a difference in the field as a skilled and compassionate professional in my nursing practice. 

    Hannah Alconcel BScN F Stream (Acccelerated)
  • What I really like about McMaster’s BScN program is the learning that takes place in the CSBL lab. The CSBL lab since my first year to my last has helped me develop into a competent nurse through providing a great amount of knowledge, peer support, resources, and a place to hone my clinical skills. Nursing has a strong emphasis on evidence-based practice, where the best available evidence is used to make an informed decision for the patient’s care. I believe future-nursing students will be able to cultivate this practice through engaging in problem-based learning (PBL) in their final year at McMaster.

    I chose McMaster nursing because of its reputation of producing quality nurses – competent with great critical thinking skills and capable of handling situations with a PBL approach. I can say with confidence that McMaster has lived up to their reputation. When coming into nursing, I was not the most confident or most mature individual; however, as I progressed through the years I notably become a more professional mature person. My journey taught me a lot about self-growth and the importance of leadership in not only for patients but also for fellow peers in helping them grow and improve.

    Richard Huang Basic BScN Level IV
  • Apart from the amazing clinical opportunities McMaster has to offer, it is the small class sizes and curriculum that make the Nursing program absolutely incredible. You will work in small groups to learn in ways similar to the interprofessional collaboration you’ll need as a new graduate nurse.  The people in the program will make your experience unforgettable – I’ve made lifelong friendships, important connections with faculty and healthcare professionals, and lasting relationships with the McMaster community. I’m glad I got my beginning at McMaster. I am currently employed at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at McMaster Children’s Hospital – an opportunity that the School of Nursing made possible through my consolidating placement. Nikki Berza RN, BScN Graduate


Graduate Testimonials

  • Being part of a supportive yet rigorous academic environment. Having access to and learning from excellent faculty and established researchers with a wide variety of clinical expertise and research methods. Positive learning environment, excellent variety of courses to choose from and program structure (e.g. coursework, comprehensive exams, thesis work). The McMaster University School of Nursing PhD Program has an excellent reputation. Many of my professional colleagues had completed the PhD program and had positive experiences and have gone on to become excellent researchers. During the past four years, I have had the greatest privilege of being a PhD student (trainee) in the Aging Community and Health Research Unit (ACHRU) where I have learned from and worked with Dr. Maureen Markle-Reid and Dr. Jenny Ploeg and their research team. This learning experience has been an extremely positive and inspiring chapter of my career.  I have gained knowledge and skills in the areas of research methods including developing, implementing and evaluating intervention studies for older adults living in the community.


    Dr. Maureen Markle-Reid​
    Sue Bookey-Bassett PhD Graduate, RN, BScN, MEd
  • The program offers a well-rounded curriculum that provides an adequate foundation of knowledge and an opportunity for clinical practice. My talented Nursing cohort have been a tremendous source of inspiration, motivation, and compassionate support. As a novice researcher, the support that I have received from individual faculty members has been invaluable to my academic and professional success. The required courses were facilitated either within the Nursing faculty or within the Faculty of Health Science, which allowed for the development of a supportive community within the program, as well as provided students with opportunities to collaborate within a multi-disciplinary environment. With the support of Drs. Markle-Reid and Pleog, the Aging, Community and Health Research Unit, and my thesis supervisory committee, I have had the opportunity to collaborate on research, attend and present at conferences, as well as network with professional colleagues within my field of interest. 


    Dr. Maureen Markle-Reid
    Kristina Chang Thesis-based MSc in Nursing Graduate
  • I received my BA and my BScN from McMaster so when I decided to go back to school to pursue my doctoral studies in nursing, returning to my Alma Mater was the natural choice for me. The Nursing Graduate Program provides helpful resources and tools to assist students with their graduate work. For example, in the first year of the PhD program, the seminars include informative topics on applications for research funding, writing skills development, knowledge translation, and a guide to the comprehensive examination process. The program offers opportunities for students to showcase their research and to network with other graduate students and nursing faculty members through research plenaries, workshops, and lectureships. Additionally, the program is supported by a distinguished group of nursing graduate faculty members committed to shaping the professional development of graduate students as scholars and future researchers. My coursework enabled me to publish some of my scholarly papers in peer-reviewed journals, through the support and guidance of my supervisory committee and other academics with whom I have networked during the program. I will be defending my thesis in a few weeks’ time, and looking back on my journey, I am proud to have achieved this level of education. Furthermore, I am grateful for the supervision of the experts in my selected research topic of nursing education. My supervisory team are great role models that I will certainly emulate when I undertake the role of a graduate student supervisor or committee member in the future.


    Margaret Black​
    Maria Pratt PhD Nursing Graduate
  • The program is very well organized. I felt that all my tutors and professors were doing their best to guide and support me through the program and ensure my success.  The combined program allowed me to get my Master’s degree and Nurse Practitioner certificate in 2 years instead of 3 years.  I attended the open house in Oct 2011 and felt that the faculty members were very knowledgeable and dedicated to support the students and ensure their academic success. After completing my MSc & NP program, I started working as a nurse practitioner in the Hamilton General Hospital and teaching in the undergraduate program at McMaster. I love both clinical practice and teaching and feel so fortunate that I am doing both. Sarah Pirani Masters, NP Graduate
  • The expertise of the Nursing Faculty is exceptional, and greatly enhances the learning environment. What do you think are the strengths of the program? The nursing graduate program has friendly faculty with exceptional nursing and research expertise. A prestigious university with an unparalleled reputation, that ensures students are acknowledged for their achievements and promotes employment. After completing my BScN at McMaster University in 2006, I found my niche in neonatal nursing. I went on to complete my MScN and Neonatal Nurse Practitioner degrees to have greater knowledge to pursue educational and research opportunities. Realizing my passion for education and research, and the need for further expertise and skills, I began pursuing a PhD in Nursing at McMaster University in 2013.


    Dr. Olive Wahoush
    Amy Wright PhD Nursing Graduate
  • The nursing graduate program has introduced me to researchers, clinicians, and students with diverse backgrounds, expertise and interests. I have built many invaluable professional and personal relationships with people who continue to inspire me every day. The program consists of faculty who have a genuine desire to want to help you succeed. Despite being a graduate student, you are treated with the same level of respect by all faculty members and your opinions are valued. Faculty go above and beyond to help support students in their studies, and are empathetic to our professional and personal lives. McMaster's School of Nursing has a reputation for research of high quality and integrity. In particular, I was excited to pursue my studies with Dr. Ploeg, who is a well-known leader in gerontological nursing research and who shares my passions in supporting persons with dementia and their caregivers. Throughout my studies, I worked closely with the Aging, Community and Health Research Unit, which has provided me with opportunities for presentations, publications, and collaborations with decision-makers, researchers, clinicians, and patient/caregiver groups. These experiences will help me as I move forward as a nurse researcher and advanced practice nurse.


    Dr. Jenny Ploeg
    Annie Lam Masters Thesis-based Graduate

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