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Basic-Accelerated Stream

Accelerated (F) Stream (20 Months)

The Accelerated (F) Stream is a fast-tracked version of the BScN Basic program designed for students who have already completed at least two years of university study (four full terms). Applicants to this stream must have successfully completed specific university credits in Human Anatomy & Physiology and Biochemistry and must have been completed within four years of enrolling. For more information, see the Admissions page. 

Students in the (F) stream are able to complete the BScN program in five back-to-back academic terms.

Upon graduation, students wishing to engage in the professional practice of nursing and use the title Registered Nurse are subject to qualifying examinations and other requirements by the licensing body, the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO).

*Note: All students must review the CNO's Requisite Skills and Abilities and assess their ability to meet the criteria set forth in this document. ​

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Level 3 - Fall Term and Winter Term

Fall Term
​Winter Term
HTHSCI 2H03 - ​Introductory Pharmacology NURSING 2V04 - ​​Nursing Concepts in Health & Illness I for Basic-Accelerated Stream 
HTHSCI 2RR3 - Introduction to ​the Social Determinants of Health NURSING 2J04 - ​​Professional Nursing Practice II for Basic Accelerated-Stream
NURSING ​2I04 - ​​Introduction to Professional Nursing & Health  HTHSCI 3C04 -​​ Research Appraisal & Utilization in Evidenced Informed Decision Making
 ​NURSING ​2U04 - ​​Introduction to Nursing Practice I for Basic Accelerated Stream  ​HTHSCI 2HH3 - ​Introductory Microbiology
 WHMIS 1A00 - Introduction to Health and Safety  
Fall Term and Winter Term
 ​HTHSCI ​2PF3 AB -​ Intro to Integrated Pathophysiology for Basic Accelerated Stream


Level 3 - ​Spring/Summer Term

Spring/Summer Term - Session 1
Spring/Summer Term - Session 2
​​NURSING 3ZA3 - ​​Professional Nursing Practice III for Basic-Accelerated Stream NURSING 3ZB3 - ​​​Professional Nursing Practice IV for Basic-Accelerated Stream
Spring/Summer Term: Session 1 and Session 2
 NURSING 3V03 Nursing Concepts in Health & Illness
NURSING 3QQ3 - Professional Community Nursing Practice 
HTHSCI 3PF1Integrated Pathophysiology for Basic-Accelerated Stream 


Fall Term
​Winter Term
​​NURSING ​4P04- ​​Advanced Nursing Concepts I NURSING 4Q03​Advanced Nursing Concepts II
NURSING 4J07​Professional Nursing Practice VI NURSING 4K10​Professional Practice & the New Graduate
HTHSCI 4NR3 - Nursing Research ​​



For information about the School of Nursing’s admission requirements and process, visit the Admissions page.

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