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Nursing Concepts in Continence Care Certificate of Professional Learning

McMaster University Continuing Education and the School of Nursing have partnered to offer  Nursing Concepts in Continence Care program that will provide healthcare professionals the knowledge and skills to manage and treat incontinence in care settings. Launching spring 2021, the program consists of three online courses that include independent study modules and online tutorials. When completed, students gain a Certificate of Professional Learning.  It replaces the Nurse Continence Advisor (NCA) Certificate Program.  

This Certificate Program is designed for RPNs, RNs and NPs in health care setting such as acute care, primary care, community care, long-term care, retirement homes and rehabilitation facilities.  It may also be of interest to  social workers, occupational therapists and other healthcare professionals.  

As the creator of this certificate program, Jennifer Skelly PhD RN, reports, “Once you feel comfortable understanding the issues surrounding incontinence, you feel tremendous satisfaction helping an individual learn how to manage it and get their lives back. As a nurse being able to offer holistic and empathetic care to vulnerable people is one of the things that is special in our profession.”

Nurses taking this program will focus on improving the quality of life for those suffering with urinary or fecal incontinence by understanding the contributing factors and exploring the various management techniques. Students will enhance their decision-making and leadership abilities in providing comprehensive and holistic client care daily.

It is designed to build on previous knowledge and terminates in a clinical placement that enriches course concepts in a professional experience practicum. 

The NCCC Certificate consists of 3 courses (1 term each):

  • NRS 101 (MEC) / 3BE4 (Nursing) Nursing Concepts in Continence Care is an introductory course designed to develop an awareness and understanding about bladder and bowel incontinence including assessment and conservative management strategies. Participants will gain in-depth knowledge of behavioural and educational interventions used in the conservative management of bladder and bowel incontinence.
  • NRS 102(MCE) / 3BG3 (Nursing) Advanced Nursing Concepts in Continence Care focuses on specific bladder and bowel incontinence issues and management strategies that can arise related to underlying medical issues such as spinal cord injury, acquired brain injury, and multiple sclerosis. Advanced concepts will further expand participants’ understanding about the role nursing has in client and staff education.
  • NRS 103(MCE) / 3BF3(Nursing) Nursing Concepts in Continence Care Clinical Practice is a local clinical placement where participants focus on the assessment and management of urinary and fecal incontinence, including the introduction to the educator role in staff and patient care related to incontinence. Participants are individually placed in a healthcare setting in their geographical area based on area of interest such as urology, urogynecology, acute care, rehabilitation, primary care, community, and long-term care.  

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