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NUR 725: Knowledge Exchange and Translation (Cross-Listed with HRM/RS 725)


This modular course will present students with an introduction to basic principles, conceptual frameworks, research design, and interventions used in knowledge exchange and translation. Faculty with specific expertise in knowledge exchange and translation for different target audiences (patients/public, clinicians/clinical practices, policy/administration) will facilitate modules that address theoretical and practical issues around using a developed knowledge to improve health or health care systems. Students will develop a research protocol or a KET implementation plan in an area related to their clinical or research endeavours.

Key components of the course

  1. At the end of the course, students will be able to:
  2. Explain conceptual frameworks underlying KET.
  3. Identify barriers and unique challenges to conducting KET research in complex environments.
  4. Describe the more common KET interventions and the level of evidence supporting their efficacy.
  5. Describe issues in development, implementation and evaluation of the impact of KET interventions for different stakeholders.
  6. Critically appraise clinical practice guidelines and other KET research.
  7. Understand and apply principles for effective communication with different audiences/stakeholders.

Method of Presentation

The course will use a lecture and workshop format. The course will consist of 4 six hour lecture/workshop sessions meeting once a week. There will be a four week break dedicated to completion of KET projects. The final week of the course will consist of a full day for student presentations of their project. Readings related to specific seminar topics will be identified and distributed prior to seminar presentations.


Oral Presentation #1: 10%
Oral Presentation #2: 10%
Oral Presenation feedback: 10% (provided by the students)

Written Assignment #1: 30%

Final Project: 40%

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