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NUR 715: Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods in Health Research

Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods in Health Research

This course is designed to help students develop an understanding of quantitative research methods. Learners will be introduced to key concepts and issues relevant to formulating a research question, study design, samples and outcome measurement. Students will develop a research question related to their area of interest and determine the appropriate reach method for their research proposal.

Key components of the course

  1. The class runs on Tuesdays in the afternoon.  Each session consists of a group tutorial/discussion and a lecture.  The discussion part will be devoted to the weekly assignment, literature examples, or further general points of methodology. The second component of the class will consist mostly of presenting new topics. 


Hand-in assignments (20% ×2): Students are required to complete and submit two of their weekly learning activities, specifically week 4 and 8.  These activities focus on a particular element of the research process as it is introduced in the lectures. 

Weekly learning activities (not graded, with exception of week 4 & 8): Each unit includes at least one learning activity.  The activities have been designed to ensure that students understand the core concepts covered in each unit. Each week, students are expected to independently complete the activity and then discuss emerging issues/knowledge gaps with their in weekly tutorial session.

Final Paper: The student will identify a health problem, formulate a research question and prepare a brief research proposal (maximum 10 pages, excluding references, appendices etc.) The paper must address a primary research question and use a quantitative research design discussed in the course. There are two components of the final paper:  

(1) Research Question (10%)to be submitted with supportive background/rationale from relevant literature.  There is a 2 page max for this assignment, excluding references.

(2) Final Paper (40%): The final paper builds on the work submitted for the research question.  It is NOT intended to be a grant application. The paper should be a maximum of 10 pages, excluding references, appendices etc.  

Tutorial participation (10%): Tutorial participation is an essential and mandatory component of the course.

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