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Half Course


Fall, Winter or Summer


N. Carter
Ext. 22259


Nursing Faculty (not supervisor)


Permission of Course Coordinator

NUR 702: Selected Topics in Nursing


This selected topics course will present leading edge thinking in relation to specific areas or issues in nursing. The specific topics will be developed in response to needs identified by faculty or students.

Course Purpose

This course is designed to allow development of courses that cover the leading edge of thinking about specific issues in nursing, in such areas that are not taught currently in the Nursing Program where the faculty are interested in mounting a course. Courses designated under this number should not be offered for more than one year before the decision is taken by the Nursing Curriculum Committee about whether it becomes a regular course offering. Students taking this course cannot also receive credit for any subsequent regular course offering in the same topic. A written course outline prepared by the faculty members who will teach the course, indicating objectives, content, duration, nature and timing of course assignments and other assessment methods that will be used to evaluate the students' work and any penalties assessed for lateness of assignments must be sent to the Office of the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies (Health Sciences) 6 weeks before the start of the term in which the course is to be taken. After approval by the Nursing Curriculum Committee, the student is allowed to register. Detailed information on the content of this course will be inserted in the student's file.

NUR 702 and NUR 703 can be taken more than once at the MSc level and more than once at the PhD level but only one of these two courses can be counted toward the minimum course requirements of the program at each level.

NUR 702 is designed to permit the faculty to present a course not previously available. The faculty proposing the course will complete the appropriate "Recommendation for Change in Graduate Curriculum" form and append a description of the course objectives, the outline of the sessions to be held, additional course instructions or facilitations, a brief pertinent reading list and the methods of evaluation.

This material must be submitted to the Office of the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies (Health Sciences) at least 6 weeks before the beginning of the academic term.


Evaluation will be based on in-course assignments (annotated bibliography or two short papers weighted equally) = 25%; a final paper (50%); and a seminar presentation (25%).

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