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McMaster-Mohawk-Conestoga BScN Preceptor Awards 2020

May 20, 2020
Alida Bowman

Photo above: Alida Bowman
Message from Alida Bowman, Chair, BScN Preceptor Program
It is with great pride, I acknowledge the contributions of preceptors to the development of our nursing students as they transition to become Registered Nurses. Many preceptors have demonstrated exceptional teaching and mentoring skills for our Level 4 students in a variety of clinical settings. The Preceptor Award of Distinction is a student-nominated award in the BScN program. One preceptor from each site is awarded annually.  The recipient for the McMaster site is Barbara Wohlert. The student who nominated Barbara was Sarah Jerome and the student’s faculty tutor was Patricia Strachan.  The recipient for the Mohawk site was Gagan Grewal. The student who nominated Gagan was Dana Genkin and the student’s faculty tutors were Kerry Fikisand AleksandrijaIlic. The recipient for the Conestoga site was Carmen Grafe. The student who nominated Carmen was Katherine Pierderand the student’s faculty tutor was Lisa Anne Hagerman. On behalf of McMaster School of Nursing, it is a great honour to congratulate the preceptor award winners for 2020!

Joanna Pierazzo
Photo above: Dr. Joanna Pierazzo
Message from Dr. Joanna Pierazzo, Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Nursing Program
I am pleased to share a warm congratulations to this year's Preceptor Award recipients. As a Program, we truly value the contributions of each and every Preceptor as you guide and mentor our level 4 students. The Preceptor role is an important role in nursing education. The learning interactions between Preceptors and students help to shape the nurses of tomorrow. Thank you to the 2020 recipients - you have made a unique difference in your student's learning!

Barbara Wohlert, RN, Recipient of BScN Preceptor Award of Distinction, McMaster Site
“Barbara Wohlert is an exceptional Registered Nurse and preceptor who demonstrates tact, compassion, and expertise in all of her teaching and nursing care. She goes above and beyond to provide positive, valuable learning experiences for student learners. Barbara's patient approach to precepting and palliative care nursing has set an example that I will carry with me throughout my career. Thank you, Barbara, for the support you have provided myself and your many other students as we enter the nursing profession!” – Nominated by Sarah Jerome, Level 4 Student, McMaster site

Sarah Jerome
Photo above: Sarah Jerome, Level 4 Student, McMaster site

Carmen Grafe, RN, Recipient of BScN Preceptor Award of Distinction, Conestoga Site
“This is the most well deserved award! Carmen, you have shaped my nursing career in more ways than words can describe. Even though the pandemic has altered my plans, I still look forward to one day also working in family birthing. Thank you for all that you do as a nurse, especially as you have preceptored so many students. Your passion for family birthing is contagious, and you have an incredible ability to help your students grow. Your tailored approach created the most incredible learning experience. You are an incredible person, and a credit to the nursing profession! Congratulations on this well deserved recognition!” – Nominated by Katherine Pierder, Level 4 Student, Mohawk site
Katherine Pierder
Photo above: Katherine Pierder, Conestoga site

 Gagan Grewal, RN, Recipient of BScN Preceptor Award of Distinction, Mohawk Site
“Gagan, I am thrilled to present you with the preceptor award for the Mohawk Site. I can't imagine anyone more deserving. Your intelligence, patience, and compassion has done more than you know to shape me into the novice nurse I am today. Working on a Neurovascular Stepdown Unit in Toronto, and starting amidst a global pandemic, I am humbled and beyond grateful to have your wisdom to light my path. I can't verbalize just how much recognition you deserve, and hope this serves as a show of my gratitude to you. Good luck in everything you hope to achieve, I know you'll bring light to anything you embark on!” – Nominated by Dana Genkin, Level 4 Student, Mohawk site
Dana Genkin

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