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Susan Jack


Dr. Susan Jack is Professor, School of Nursing, Associate Member Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics, and a Core Member of the Offord Centre for Child Studies.  Dr. Jack’s clinical background is in community health and public health nursing, with a specific focus on family health and home visiting socially and economically disadvantaged young families.  She completed her post-doctoral training in the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioural Neurosciences (McMaster) and the Centre for Knowledge Translation (University of Alberta). Dr. Jack has been a full-time faculty member since 2003 and has taught in all levels of the BScN undergraduate and graduate program.

Select Publications

  • Jack, S.M., Olds, D.L., & MacMillan, H.L. (2019). Incorporating intimate partner violence interventions in nurse home visitation programs -Reply. JAMA, 322(11), 1103-1104.

  •  Jack, S.M. (2019). Nursing leadership in qualitative health research (Editorial). Professioni Infermieristiche, 72(1), 3-4.

  •  Luciani M., Jack S.M., Campbell K., Orr E., Durepos P., Lin L., Strachan P., & Di Mauro S. (2019). An introduction to qualitative health research. Professioni Infermieristiche, 72(1), 60-68.  

  • Jack, S.M., Ford-Gilboe, M., Davidov, D., & MacMillan, H.L. (2016). Identification and assessment of intimate partner violence in nurse home visitation. Journal of Clinical Nursing. Doi:10.1111/jocn.13392

  • Jack, S.M., Catherine, N., Gonzalez, A., MacMillan, H.L., Sheehan, D., Waddell C for the BCHCPScientific Team. (2015). Adapting, piloting and evaluating complex public health interventions: Lessons learned from Nurse-Family Partnership. Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention in Canada, 35, (8/9), 151-159.

  • Li, S.A., Jack, S.M., Gonzalez,A., Duku, E., & MacMillan, H. (2015). Healthcare and social service professionals’ perceptions of a home visitation program. Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention in Canada: Research, Policy and Practice, 35 (8/9), 160-167. 

  • Jack, S.M., Sheehan, D., Gonzalez, A., MacMillan, H.L., Catherine, N., Waddell, C. for the BCHCP Process Evaluation Research Team (2015). British Columbia Healthy Connections project process evaluation: A mixed methods protocol to describe the implementation and delivery of the Nurse-Family Partnership in Canada. BMC Nursing, 14:47. DOI:10.1186/s12912-015-0097-3

  • Dmytryshyn, A.L., Jack, S.M., Ballantyne, M., Wahoush, O., & MacMillan, H.L. (2014). Long-term home visiting with vulnerable young mothers: An interpretive description of the impact on public health nurses. BMC Nursing, 14:12. 

  • Jack, S.M., & MacMillan, H.L. (2014). Adaptation and evaluation of the Nurse-Family Partnership in Canada. Early Childhood Matters, June, 43-46
  • Jack, S.M., Busser, L.D., Sheehan, D., Gonzalez, A., Zwygers, E.J., & MacMillan, H. (2012). Adaptation and implementation of the Nurse-Family Partnership in Canada. Canadian Journal of Public Health, 103(Suppl.1): S42-S48.
  • Jack, S.M., Ford-Gilboe, M., Wathen C.N., Davidov, D.M., McNaughton, D.B., Coben, J.H., Olds, D.L., MacMillan, H.L. for the NFP IPV Research Team (2012). Development of a nurse home visitation intervention for intimate partner violence. BMC Health Services Research, 12: 50.
  • Jack, S.M. (2010). The role of public health in addressing child maltreatment in Canada. Chronic Diseases in Canada, 31(1), 39-44.
  • Jack, S.M. & Tonmyr, L. (2008). Knowledge transfer and exchange: Disseminating Canadian child maltreatment surveillance findings to decision makers. Child Indicators Research. Published online January 2008.
  • Jack, S.M. (2006). The utility of qualitative research findings in evidence-based public health practice. Public Health Nursing, 23(3), 278-284.
  • Jack, S.M., DiCenso, A., & Lohfeld, L. (2005). Vulnerable families’ participation in home visits: A theory of maternal engagement with public health nurses and family visitors. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 49(2), 182-190.
  • Jack, S.M., DiCenso, A., & Lohfeld, L. (2002). Opening doors: Factors influencing the establishment of a working relationship between paraprofessional home visitors and at-risk families. Canadian Journal of Nursing Research, 34(4), 59-69.


  • 2015: Faculty of Health Sciences (McMaster) Excellence in Graduate Student Supervision Award

  • 2007-2012: Institute of Human Development, Child and Youth Health, Reproduction and Child Health New Investigator Personnel Award, Canadian Institutes of Health Research


  • Jack, S.M., & Mackie, C. (co-principal investigators). Development and evaluation of the Canadian Nurse-Family Partnership Education Model. Ontario Poverty Reduction Strategy (2015-2018), $350,000.
  • Jack, S.M., Sheehan, D., Gonzalez, A., MacMillan, H.L., Marcellus, L.,Tonmyr, L., Varcoe, C., & Waddell, C. Process evaluation of British Columbia Healthy Connections Project, Public Health Agency of Canada. Notified December 17, 2013, Funding for January, 2014-January 2018, $866,396.
  • Jack, S.M. Intimate partner violence: Nurse Education (Child Welfare Collaboration Grant, State of Colorado). University of Colorado at Denver, Prevention Research Center for Family and Child Health. March 31, 2014-June 30, 2015, $29,936.
  • Waddell, C., (PI) MacMillan, H. (PI), Jack, S.M. (co-PI), Sheehan, D (co-PI), Barr, R., Boyle, M., Gafni, A., Gonzales, A., Marcellus, L., Tonmyr, L., & Varcoe, C. Scientific evaluation of Nurse-Family Partnership in British Columbia. BC Ministry of Health and BC Ministry of Children and Family Development. 2011-2016, $5,000,000.
  • Jack, S. M., Sheehan, D., Kurtz Landy, C., & MacMillan, H. The Acceptability of the Nurse-Family Partnership Home Visitation Program to Families, Nurses and Stakeholders in Hamilton, ON. Nursing Research Fund, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. 2009, $76,449.


Dr. Jack’s program of research is focused on the evaluation of nurse home visitation programs, the prevention of family violence (intimate partner violence and child maltreatment), and knowledge translation. Dr. Jack, along with her colleagues Dr. Harriet MacMillan and Debbie Sheehan, was responsible for developing and implementing the first Canadian study of the Nurse-Family Partnership program.  She has expertise in both qualitative and mixed methods research.


Graduate Teaching

Dr. Jack’s expertise is in teaching research methods at the graduate level.

2014      NUR HRM 745, Qualitative Health Research Methods
             NUR HRM 770 Mixed Methods Research

Undergraduate Teaching

She also has experience in teaching community health and research in the undergraduate BScN program. Dr. Jack has supervised a large number of PhD and Masters students and will continue to seek new students who are interested in engaging in research related to public health interventions for socially disadvantaged families.

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