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Olive Wahoush


Dr Olive Wahoush joined McMaster School of Nursing in 2001. In 2017 she completed her PhD in Health Policy Management and Evaluation at University of Toronto. She then completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the Offord Centre, McMaster University, during this time she completed a summer institute at the Centre for Refugee Studies at Oxford University. 

Dr Wahoush is an International Consultant to the Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office (Nursing) of  the World Health in Cairo.

She is an Associate Member of the Department of Geography and Earth Sciences at McMaster University

Select Publications


  • Wahoush, O. When their preschooler is ill: Refugee and asylum seeking mothers. Saarbrucken, Germany: Lambert Academic Publishing.  ISBN  978-3-8383-3101-0. 2010.

Contributions to Books

  • Wahoush, O., Mujica, I., & Ladouceur, M. Environmental and global health. In Kozier, B., Ebb, G., Berman, A.J., Snyder, S,. Buck, M., Yiu, L., Ferguson, L Fundamentals of nursing: the nature of nursing practice in Canada. 3rd ed. (Chapter 10). Toronto, ON: Pearson Canada. 2016.


  • Wright, A., Wahoush, O., Ballantyne, M., Gabel, C., Jack, S.M. (2016). Access to primary health care services for urban-dwelling, Canadian Indigenous women of childbearing age: An integrative review. Sage OPEN. (under review)
  •  Wright, A.L., Wahoush, O., Ballantyne, M., Gabel, C., & Jack, S.M. (2015). Qualitative Health Research Involving Indigenous Peoples: Culturally Appropriate Data Collection Methods. The Qualitative Report,  Volume 21, Number 12 Dec 2016.
  • Antonipillai, V., Baumann, A., Hunter, A., Wahoush, O., & O'Shea, T. Health Inequity  and "Restoring Fairness" to the Canadian Refugee Health Policy Reforms: A Literature Review. Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health. DOI 10.1007/s10903-016-0486-z . Springer Aug 2016
  • Valaitis, R.K.; Wahoush, O., Murray, N., Isaacs, S., Derbyshire, D., Rolfe, S., & Semogas, D. (2016). Street Smarts Book Smarts: Three Neighbourhoods and One University School of Nursing Partnering for Health. Sage Open Jan, 2016
  •  Wahoush, O. (2013). Primary Health Care: Provider perspectives on their services for refugee & refugee claimant children. Primary Health Care 3(3), 2014. March 2014. 
  • Wahoush, O. & Banfield, L. Information literacy during entry to practice: information seeking behaviours of student nurses and recent graduate nurses. Nurse Educ Today. 2014, Feb 34(2):208-13. DOI information: 10.1016/j.nedt.2013.04.009. Epub  May 8 2013.
  •  Wahoush, E.O. Equitable health-care access: the experiences of refugee and refugee claimant mothers with an ill preschooler. Canadian Journal of Nursing Research, 41(3), 186-206. 2009.
  • Wahoush, E.O. Reaching a hard-to-reach population such as asylum seekers and resettled refugees in Canada.  Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 87(8), 568. 2009. 



2008 – 2010: Offord Centre for Child Studies and Ontario Ministry of Health & Long Term Care ($50,000 annually), Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Canadian Health Services Research Foundation; Capacity for Applied and Developmental Research in Health Services and Nursing Research (CADRE). Supervisor: Dr. Michael Boyle 

2008: Offord Centre for Child Studies, McMaster University, Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Lawson Foundation ($45,000 annually) 

2001:  Registered Nurses Association of Ontario, Award for Excellence in Nursing Leadership



  • Carter, N.; Carroll, S. and Wahoush, O. (Co-Is). Switching from Survival to Self-Management of Health: Exploring Access to Healthcare for Adult Newcomers in Hamilton with Non-infectious Chronic Diseases. Community Health and Education Research Fund of Hamilton Community Foundation $29,783. Apr 2017 
  • Wahoush, O., Impact of Infrastructure changes: Large Group PBL. MIETL Impact Fellowship award $15,000 . 2015 Jun - 2018 Mar     
  • Atkinson, S., McDonald, S., Philips, S., & Taylor, V. (PIs), Hutton, E., Dobbins, M., Motolla, M., Bracken, K., Mallott, A.  & Wahoush, O. (Co-Is). Be Healthy in Pregnancy (B-HIP) with Nutrition and Exercise: A Study to Develop and Evaluate Novel, Safe and Feasible Approaches to Manage Gestational Weight Gain in the Community Health Services Setting with the Goal of Improving Control of Pregnancy Weight Gain to Positively Impact Maternal and Infant Outcomes. CIHR Operating Grant, $752,034 . 2012 - 2017 
  • Wahoush, O. &  Frisina, A. CASTLE Beyond 2015: Sherman and Crown Point neighbourhoods. Hamilton Community Foundation $38,304. 2015 Apr - 2016 Mar      
  • Wahoush, O., & Frisina, A. CASTLE Beyond 2013: South Sherman neighbourhood. Hamilton Community Foundation $19,156. 2014 Apr - 2015 Mar   
  • Wahoush, O., & Frisina, A.  CASTLE Beyond 2013: Crown Point neighbourhood. Hamilton Community Foundation $17,500. 2014 Apr - 2015 Mar   
  •  Wahoush, O. (LPI) & Frisina, A. (Co-PI).  Creating Access to Screening and Training in the Living Environment (CASTLE project). Grant, Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), Research - New Project, $912,341.002012. 2014 Feb - 2014 June


Dr Wahoush is a health systems and policy researcher with expertise in community based participatory action research with a focus on equitable outcomes for the health and wellbeing of refugees and other vulnerable populations. Research interests and activities include supporting research teams aiming to include hard to reach populations. Recent examples include refugee health and wellbeing before and after settlement in Ontario 'The first 18 months'; self management of chronic disease, health system access, capacity development in community, primary health care policy and access and palliative care. 


Dr. Wahoush teaches in the 3rd (Community health nursing) and 4th year (Research, Clinical Practice and Independent studies) of the undergraduate BScN program and in the graduate program Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods in Health Research (NURS 715) and Refugee Health: Policies and Practice (HlthSci 709). A primary area of interest is Global Health, working with communities and students learning to work in and with communities in their clinical practice, research or independent studies. She enjoys collaborations with practitioners, clinicians and others working with priority populations in particular those which enable students to expand their knowledge, skills and confidence in leading and participating in research, quality improvement and community health nursing. She also provides teaching and consultation for communities, organizations, program planners and decision makers locally and internationally.



Carrie Bernard, Lisa Schwartz, Olive Wahoush, Ani Chénier, Kevin Bezanson, Matthew Hunt, Elysée Nouvet, Sonya DeLaat, Ibraheem Abu-Siam, Emmanuel Musoni, Rachel Yantzi. Partners: Sima Saleh (Médecins du Monde), Simon Pickard (R2HC), Annick Antierens (MSF), Jose Miguel Carrasco (WHO), Philippe Calain (MSF), Kemi Ogundipe (MSF). Humanitarian Health Ethics Research Group, Partnership and Dissemination Event:  Aid when there is “nothing left to offer”: A study of ethics and palliative care during international humanitarian action.  Geneva, Switzerland. September 26-27, 2018. Video and audio-recordings of the presentations can be found here:

Wahoush, O, & Newbold B, Syrian Refugee: Global to Local. Canadian Coalition of Global Health Research Conference, Brock University, St Catharines, Ont. Feb 11, 2017

Wahoush, O. &  Zigler, S. Discussants: Lifting The Burden: Reforming Canada's Immigration Loan           

Program  Roundtable  STAND Canada. Nov, 29, 2016 

 Wahoush, O., Gillespie, L-A and O'Shea, T. New Frontiers in Health Policy CHEPA (Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis) at McMaster March 15, 2016 

Wahoush, O., Chan, B. Amster, E. and Gorman R. Migration & Impacts on Global Health  Panel Presentation and discussion. Global Health Conference McMaster University. March 12, 2016


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