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Michelle Butt


Dr. Michelle Butt initially joined McMaster University as a Senior Research Associate in the Nursing Effectiveness, Utilization and Outcomes Research Unit (1999-2001). Since 2005, she has been a full-time faculty member in the School of Nursing. Dr. Butt is also a graduate faculty member in the School and an associate member of the Department of Paediatrics.

Select Publications

  • Butt, M. L., McGrath, J. M., Samra, H. A., & Gupta, R. (2013). An integrative review of parent satisfaction with care provided in the neonatal intensive care unit. Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic and Neonatal Nursing, 42(1), 105-120. 
  • Butt, M., Symington, A., Janes, M., Steele, S., Elliott, L., Chant-Gambacort, C., Mondal, T., & Paes, B. (2013). Respiratory Syncytial Virus Prophylaxis in children with cardiac disease: A retrospective single-centre study. Cardiology in the Young [First View Online], 1-7. doi:10.1017/S1047951113000401. 
  • Morinis, J., Butt, M., & Latchman, A. (2012). Calculation of total fluid intake in 32 to 35 week gestational age infants in Canada: Does weight or day of life matter? Journal of Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine, 5, 1-5. 
  • McGrath, J. M., Butt, M. L., & Samra, H. A. (2011). Supporting parents who lose a child of a multiple birth: A critical review of research in the neonatal intensive care unit. Newborn & Infant Nursing Reviews, 11(4), 203-214. 
  • Wong, S. E., Butt, M. L., Symington, A., Pinelli, J. (2011). Parental satisfaction with quality of care in neonatal follow-up programs. Journal of Neonatal Nursing, 17(6), 222-232. 
  • Butt, M. L., Symington, A., Janes, M., Elliott, L., Steele, S., & Paes, B. A. (2011). The impact of prophylaxis on paediatric intensive care unit admissions for RSV infection: A retrospective, single-centre study. European Journal of Pediatrics, 170(7), 907-913. DOI 10.1007/s00431-010-1376-3.  
  • Butt, M. L., Pinelli, J., & Hunsberger, M. (2010). Parents’ perceptions of ambulatory neonatal follow-up programs. Journal of Neonatal Nursing, 16 (3), 126-137. 
  • Butt, M. L., Pinelli, J., Boyle, M. H., Thomas, H., & Hunsberger, M., Saigal, S., Lee, D. S., Fanning, J. K. & Austin, P. (2009). Development and evaluation of an instrument to measure parental satisfaction with quality of care in neonatal follow-up. Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, 30(1), 57-65.
  • Butt, M. L., & Kisilevsky, B. S. (2000). Music modulates behaviour of premature infants following heel lance. Canadian Journal of Nursing Research, 31(4), 17-39.


Butt, M. (Co-Principal Investigator), Ballantyne, M. (Co-Principal Investigator ), Giglia, L., Jack, S., McDonald, S., & Sword, W. (Co-Is). Addressing Primary Health Care Service Gaps for Late Preterm Infants and their Families. Planning Grant, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, November 2013 – October 2014, $18,225.

Boyle, M. (Co-Principal Investigator), Georgiades, K. (Co-Principal Investigator), Afifi, T., Avison, W., Bennett, K., Bennett, T., Boylan, K., Butt, M., Cairney, J., Cleverley, K., Colman, I., Cunningham, C., Davies, S., De Oliveira, C., Dirks, M., Duku, E., Dunn, J., Ferro, M., Georgiades, S., Gonzalez, A., Hall, G., Henderson, J., Janus, M., Jenkins, J., Lipman, E., MacMillan, H., Manion, I., McLennan, J., Petitclerc, A., Reid, G., Rhodes, A., Rosenbaum, P., Sassi, R., Schmidt, L., Shepherd, C., Soreni, N., Szatmari, P., Timmons, B., Van Lieshout, R., Waddell, C., & Wekerle, C. Ontario Child Health Study Sequel. Operating Grant, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, April 2013 – March 2018, $5,312,446.                             

Butt, M. (Principal Investigator), Ballantyne, M., Barrett, J., & Alliston, S. Transitioning from Hospital to Home: Understanding the Health Care Needs of Mothers of Late Preterm Infants. Niemeier Award, School of Nursing, McMaster University, June 2013 – May 2014, $3165.

Butt, M. (Principal Investigator), Akhtar-Danesh, N., Pelausa, E., & Pinelli, J. Development and Evaluation of a French-Canadian Language Instrument to Measure Parental Satisfaction with Quality of Care in Neonatal Follow-up. McMaster University School of Nursing Pilot Project Grant, March 2007 - February 2009, $10,000.

Pinelli, J. (Principal Investigator), Butt, M., Boyle, M., Thomas, H., Hunsberger, M. & Saigal, S. Health Care Services in Neonatal Follow-up: Development of an Instrument to Measure Parental Satisfaction with Quality of Care.Operating Grant, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, October 2004 – September 2006, $94,784.


Dr. Butt’s research focuses primarily on: (i) examining the effectiveness and quality of care provided to high-risk infants and their families in the first few years of a child’s life; and (ii) developing and evaluating instruments to measure parents’ perceptions of the quality of health care their child and family receive. She frequently conducts research collaboratively with paediatric clinicians to inform practice, including studies that have examined the effectiveness of Palivizumab prophylaxis in preventing hospitalization and co-morbidities due to respiratory syncytial virus illness (RSV) in at-risk paediatric populations. Dr. Butt’s research interest in measurement led her to develop and psychometrically test the first reliable and valid instrument to measure parental satisfaction with quality of care in Neonatal Follow-up Programs (the PSQ-NFU). Dr. Butt is also the Co-Principal Investigator on a CIHR Planning Grant Meeting to examine the primary and community health care service gaps for late preterm infants and their families, and to identify opportunities for the integration of an intervention into existing programs to address the needs of this population.


Dr. Butt teaches in both the undergraduate and graduate nursing programs. She has a particular interest in the content areas of research methods, critical appraisal of research, and statistics. Dr. Butt is involved with graduate students as a thesis committee member and supervises BScN students in their Level IV research practicum. 

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