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Michele Drummond-Young


Michele Drummond-Young retired in 2019 from full time faculty. She joined McMaster University in 1990 as full-time Lecturer in the School of Nursing.

Select Publications

  • Weller-Newton J.M., Drummond-Young M. (2021). Reflective Practice in Health Professions Education. In: Nestel D., Reedy G., McKenna L., Gough S. (eds),  Clinical Education for the Health Professions. Springer, Singapore.
  • Drummond-Young, M., Brown, B., Noesgaard, C., Lunyk-Child, O., Matthew-Maich, N., Mines, C., Linton, J. (2010). A comprehensive faculty development model for nursing education.Journal of Professional Nursing, Vol 26, No3 (May-June), pp 152–161.
  • Matthew-Maich, N., Mines, C., Brown, B., Lunyk-Child, O., Carpio, B.,Drummond-Young, M., Noesgaard, C., Linton, J. (2007). Evolving as Nurse Educators in Problem Based Learning through a Community of Faculty Development.Journal of Professional Nursing, Vol 23, No2 (March-April), pp 75-82.
  • Sword, W., Byrn, C., Drummond-Young, M., Harmer, M.(2002).Nursing Alumni as Student Mentors: Nurturing Professional Growth.Nurse Education Today, 22, 5, August (pp. 427-432).
  • Drummond-Young, M., & Mohide E. A. (2001). Developing Problems for Use in Problem–based Learning. In E. Rideout (Ed.),Transforming Nursing Education Through Problem-Based Learning. (pp.165-191). Jones & Bartlett, Publishers.
  • Drummond-Young, M.(2001). Standardized Patients as an Educational Resource: The McMaster Experience. The Japanese Journal of Nursing Education and Nursing Research: Quality Nursing, 7, 8, August (41-51).


Michele Drummond-Young's research interests include curriculum development, creative approaches to implementing problem-based learning as well as articulating paradigms for faculty development. More recently she is exploring how faculty evolve and develop within the changing context of curriculum delivery in nursing education.


Undergraduate Teaching

Nursing practice as an interpersonal and cognitive behavioural clinician has nuanced Michele's capabilities as an astute listener, as well as developing competence in understanding individuals, and giving supportive feedback. Her clinical philosophy aims to enable the client to be the best he/she can. The concept of recovery is vital to that process; acknowledging limitations while capitalizing on and further developing strengths as well as providing empowering resources. This perspective has been adapted as one continuous thread that Michele has woven through the complex fabric that constitutes her approach to teaching undergraduate students. Guiding students as they discover how to engage in a social constructivist approach to learning begins with a safe environment that supports risk taking. A place where perceptive observation of students’ performance and supportive feedback provides the first step in fostering strength as an active learner and enabling each student to set attainable academic goals, engage in self discovery and become professional registered nurses.  This approach seems to promote active participation for a broad cross section of students from those in difficulty to those who excel in tutorial performance.


  • Drummond-Young, M., Lawlor, Y., Manankil Rankin, L., Reflective Inquiry & Self Study by Experienced Faculty Transforming within a renewed BScN curriculum. STLHE13, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. Sustainability: Learning to Live, Learning for Life. Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, June 2013.
  • Lawlor, Y., Drummond-Young, M., Manankil Rankin, L., Narrative self- study by faculty of the experience of role change in a BScN program. ISSOTL12, International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. Research on teaching and Learning: Integrating Practices. Hamilton, ON Oct. 2012.
  • Manankil Rankin, L., Lawlor, Y., Drummond-Young, M., Reflective self study: The construction of educator stories. Presentation: International Narrative Research Conference. Paris, France, June 2012.
  • Chen, R., Culver, K., Drummond-Young, M., Hanna, E., Hunter, A., Jewiss, T., McCurdy, T., Palma, A., Sinclair, N. Strength from within: Creating a community of leadership practice. RNAO Education Conference. Toronto, ON Sept. 2011.
  • Chen, R., Culver, K., Drummond-Young, M., Hanna, E., Hunter, A., Jewiss, T., McCurdy, T., Palma, A., & Sinclair, N. Strength from within: Creating a community of leadership practice. Presentation: CASN/ACESI Nursing Academic Leadership Conference. Quebec City, PQ, May 2011.

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