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Gina Browne


Dr. Gina Browne is a retired faculty member and Professor emeritus. She joined the McMaster School of Nursing in 1971 as Lecturer to Associate Professor.  She held the position of a Professor in the School of Nursing and since 1991, the Founder and Director of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care-funded Health and Social Service Utilization Research Unit, in addition to being a family therapist in primary care.  Dr. Browne was also an Associate Member in the Department of Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics.

Select Publications

  • Browne, G.,  More Effective/Less Expensive Health Services Also Address the Social Determinants of Health. The Journal of the Ontario Association of Social Workers, 2011, 37(1).
  • Browne G.,  Integrating Health Services to Serve Vulnerable People More Cost-Effectively in Ontario, Canada.  KPMG International, 2010, HealthCare, 24-27.
  • Browne G., Roberts J, Byrne C, Gafni A, Weir R, Majumdar B.  The costs and effects of addressing the needs of vulnerable populations: Results of 10 years of research.  Canadian Journal of Nursing Research, 40th Anniversary Issue 1969-2009, 41(1):193-203.
  • Browne G.,  Knowledge Translation:  Getting Efficacious Interventions Incorporated Into Practice:  Lessons Learned.  Canadian Journal of Nursing Research.  December 2009; Vol 41(4), 83-89.
  • Browne G., Kingston D, Grdisa V, Markle-Reid M.  Conceptualization and measurement of integrated human service networks for evaluation.  International Journal of Integrated Care [serial online],   December 2007; 7:1-6.  Available from:  International Journal of Integrated Care.
  • Browne G., Gafni A, Byrne C, Roberts J, Majumdar B.  Effective/efficient mental health programs for school-age children: A synthesis of reviews.  Social Science and Medicine, 2004; 58:1367-1384.
  • Browne G., Steiner M, Roberts J, Gafni A, Byrne C, Dunn E, Bell B, Mills M, Chalklin L, Wallik D, Kraemer J.  Sertraline and/or interpersonal psychotherapy for patients with dysthymic disorder in primary care:  Six-month comparison with longitudinal two-year follow-up of effectiveness and costs.  Journal of Affective Disorders, 2002; 68(2-3):317-330.
  • Browne G., Byrne C, Roberts J, Gafni A, Whittaker S.  When the bough breaks: Provider-initiated comprehensive care is more effective and less expensive for sole support parents on social assistance.  Social Science and Medicine, December 2001; 53(12):1697-1710.
  • Browne G., Byrne C, Roberts J, Gafni A, Watt S, Haldane S, Thomas I, Ewart B, Schuster M, Underwood J, Flynn Kingston S, Rennick K.  Benefitting all the beneficiaries of social assistance: The 2-year effects and expense of subsidized versus nonsubsidized quality child care and recreation.  National Academies of Practice Forum: Issues in Interdisciplinary Care, April 1999; 1(2):131-142.
  • Browne G., Roberts J, Gafni A, Byrne C, Weir R, Majumdar B, Watt S.  Economic evaluations of community -based care: Lessons from twelve studies in Ontario.  Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice, 1999; 5(3):191-209.


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