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Denise Bryant


Dr. Bryant-Lukosius is a Professor in the School of Nursing and Associate Member of the Department of Oncology within the Faculty of Health Sciences at McMaster University. In addition, she is an Adjunct Professor in the School of Nursing at Hong Kong Polytechnic University and a Fellow of the Hong Kong Academy of Nursing. She is a proud Registered Nurse with 40 years of experience in practice (oncology and critical care), education, and research. She has maintained certification in oncology from the Canadian Nurses Association since 1998. In the School of Nursing, Dr. Bryant-Lukosius is the inaugural ​​holder of the Alba DiCenso ​Chair in Advanced Practice Nursing. She is also Chair of the Curriculum Committee for the Graduate Nursing Program and the founding co-Director for the Canadian Centre for Advanced Practice Nursing Research (CCAPNR), established in 2011. In addition to her faculty role, Dr. Bryant-Lukosius holds a cross appointment with the Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre as a Clinician Scientist and Director of the Canadian Centre of Excellence in Oncology Advanced Practice Nursing (OAPN) – providing a unique a program of research, education, mentorship, and knowledge translation activities to support the development of generalist, specialized, and advanced nursing roles in cancer control. Dr. Bryant-Lukosius is also a Scientist in the Escarpment Cancer Research Institute, which is a joint venture between McMaster University and Hamilton Health Sciences.

Select Publications

Journal articles

  • Lamb, A., Martin Misener, R., Bryant-Lukosius, D., & Latimer, M. (2018). Describing the leadership capabilities of Advanced Practice Nurses using a qualitative descriptive study. Nursing Open, 00, 1-14. DOI: org/10.1002/nop2.150.

  • Wong, F., Lau, A., Ng, R., Wong, E., Wong, S., Kan, S., Kan, E., Liu, E., & Bryant-Lukosius, D. (2017). An exploratory study on exemplary practice of nurse consultants. Journal of Nursing Scholarship. doi:10.1111/jnu.12324. 

  • Lopatina, E., Donald, F., DiCenso, A., Martin-Misener, R., Kilpatrick, K., Bryant-Lukosius, D., Carter, N., Reid, K., & Marshall, D.A. (2017). Discussion paper: Considerations in the economic evaluation of advanced practice nursing roles. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 72, 71-82. 
  • Oldenburger, D., Cassiani, S., Bryant-Lukosius, D., Valaitis, R., Baumann, A., Pulcini, J., & Martin-Misener, R. (2017). Advanced practice nursing in primary care in Latin America and the Caribbean. Revista Panamericana de Salud Pública, 41, e40. 
  • Bryant-Lukosius, D., Liu, X., & Zhang, J. (2017). The status and prospects of advanced practice nurse-led transitional care. Chinese Journal of Nursing Management,17(4): 433-437. 
  • Bryant-Lukosius, D., Valaitis, R., Martin-Misener, R., Donald, F., Morán Peña, L., & Brousseau, L. (2017). Advanced practice nursing: a strategy for achieving universal health coverage and universal access to health. Revista Latino-Americana de Enfermagem, 25:e2826. DOI: 10.1590/1518-8345.1677.2826 
  • Yuille, L, Bryant-Lukosius, D., Valaitis, R., & Dolovich, L. (2016). Optimizing Registered Nurse roles for cancer survivorship care within primary care settings. Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership, 29(4), 46-58. 
  • Harbman, P., Bryant-Lukosius, D., Martin-Misener, R, Carter, N., Covell, C, Donald, F., Gibbons, S., Kilpatrick, K., McKinlay, J., Rawson, K., Sherifali, D., Tranmer, J., &   Valaitis, R. (2016). Partners in Research: Building Academic-Practice Partnerships to Educate and Mentor Advanced practice Nurses. Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice, 1-9, doi: 10.1111/jep.12630
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  • Boyko, J., Carter, N., & Bryant Lukosius, D. (2016). Assessing the spread and uptake of framework for introducing and evaluating advanced practice nursing roles. Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing. 2016; DOI:10.111/wvn.12160. 
  • Bryant-Lukosius, D., Spichiger, E., Martin, J., Stoll, H., Degen Kellerhals, S. Fliedner, M., Grossman, F., Henry, M., Herrman, L., Koller, A., Schwendimann, R., Ulrich, A., Weibel, L.,Callens, B., De Geest, S. (2016). Framework for evaluating the impact of advanced practice nursing roles. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 48(2), 201-209
  • Bryant-Lukosius, D. (2015). Mentorship: A navigation strategy for promoting oncology nurse engagement in research. Canadian Oncology Nursing Journal, 23(3), 1-4.
  • Kilpatrick, K., Carter, N., Bryant-Lukosius, D., Charbonneau-Smith, R., & DiCenso, A. (2015). The development of evidence briefs to transfer knowledge above advanced practice nursing roles in providers, policy-makers and administrators. Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership,28(1), 11-23. 
  • Bryant-Lukosius, D., Carter, N., Reid, K., Donald, F., Martin-Misener, R., Kilpatrick, K., Harbman, P., Kaasalainen, S., Marshall, D., & DiCenso, A. (2015). The clinical effectivenessand cost-effectiveness of clinical nurse specialist-led hospital to home transitional care: A systematic review. Journal of Evaluation of Clinical Practice, 21, 763-781.
  • Marshall, D.A., Donald, F., Lacny, S., Reid, K., Bryant-Lukosius, D., Carter, N., Charbonneau-Smith, R., Harbman, P., Kaasalainen, S., Kilpatrick, K., Martin-Misener, R., & DiCenso, A.(2015). Assessing the quality of economic evaluations of clinical nurse specialists and nurse practitioners: A systematic review of cost-effectiveness. NursingPlus Open, 11-17 DOI:10.1016/j.npls.2015.07.001 
  • Martin-Misener, R., Harbman, P., Donald, F., Reid, K., Kilpatrick, K., Carter, N., Bryant-Lukosius, D., Kaasalainen, S., Marshall, D., Charbonneau-Smith, R., & DiCenso, A. (2015). Asystematic review of the cost-effectiveness of nurse practitioners in outpatient care. BMJ Open 5(6), e007167 DOI: 10.1136/bmjopen-2014-007167. 
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  • Carter, N., Miller, P.A., Murphy, B.R., Payne, V.J., & Bryant-Lukosius, D. (2014). Clinicians’ perspectives of the supportive care needs of men with advanced prostate cancer. Oncology Nursing Forum, 41(4), 421-430.*
  • Tsangaris, E., Johnson, J., Taylor, R., Fern, L., Bryant-Lukosius, D., Barr, R., Fraser, G., Klassen, A. (2013). Identifying the health and supportive care needs of adolescent and young adult survivors of cancer: A qualitative analysis and systematic literature review. Supportive Care in Cancer, DOI 10.1007/s00520-013-2053-7, November 24.
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  • Bryant-Lukosius, D., Browne, G., DiCenso, A., Whelan, T., Gafni, A., Neville, A., & Sathya, J. (2010). Evaluating health related quality of life and priority health problems in patients with prostate cancer: A strategy for defining the role of the advanced practice nurse. Canadian Oncology Nursing Journal, 20(1): 5-14. 
  • Bryant-Lukosius, D., Carter, N., Kilpatrick, K., Martin-Misener, R., Donald, F., Kaasalainen, S., Harbman, P., Bourgeault, I., & DiCenso, A. (2010). The current and future role of clinical nurse specialists in Canada. Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership,23(special issue), 140-166. 
  • Bryant-Lukosius, D., & DiCenso, A. (2004). A framework for the introduction and evaluation of advanced practice nursing roles. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 48(5), 530-540.  

Contribution to books

  • Bryant-Lukosius, D., Martin-Misener, R., Roussel, J., Carter, N.,Kilpatrick, K., &Brousseau, L. (2018). Policy and the integration of advanced practice nursing roles in Canada: Are we making progress? Chapter in K.A. Goudreau and M. Smolenski (eds.). Health Policy and Advanced Practice Nursing, Impact and Implications, 2nd Ed. New York: Springer.
  • Bryant-Lukosius, D., Wang, S., & Zhu, X. J. (2018). Advanced Nursing Practice Research. Chapter in K. Y. Wong & H. O. Xia (eds). Advanced Nursing Practice (PP. Pages). Beijing: People’s Health Publishing House.
  • Bryant-Lukosius, D. & Wong, F.K.Y. (2018). Global development of advanced practice nursing. Chapter in M.F. Tracy and T O'Grady (eds). Advanced Practice Nursing: An Integrative Approach, (6th ed). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier.
  • Bryant-Lukosius, D., Martin-Misener, R., Donald, F., Tranmer, J., Brousseau, L., & DiCenso, A. (2017). Resources to facilitate APN outcome research. Chapter in R. Kleinpell (ed.). Outcome Assessment in Advanced Practice Nursing, (4th ed). New York: Springer Publishing Company.
  • Bryant-Lukosius, D. (2009). Designing Innovative Cancer Services and Advanced Practice Nursing Roles: Toolkit. Toronto: Cancer Care Ontario.

Practice guidelines, health policy briefs and reports (Selected)

  • Bryant-Lukosius, D. & Martin-Misener, M. (2015). Advanced Practice Nursing: An Essential Component of Country Level Human Resources for Health. Policy Paper for the International Council of Nurses. 
  • Moat, K.A., & Bryant-Lukosius, D. (2015). Evidence-Brief: Improving Pain and Symptom Management in Cancer Care in Ontario. Hamilton: Canada: McMaster Health Forum, 
  • Bryant-Lukosius, D., Cosby, R., Bakker, D., Earle, C., & Burkoski, V. (2015). Practice Guideline on the Effective Use of Advanced Practice Nurses in the Delivery of Adult Cancer Services in Ontario. Toronto: Cancer Care Ontario.
  • Martin-Misener, R. & Bryant-Lukosius, D. (2014). A Pan-Canadian Primary Care Framework: Optimizing the Role of Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners. Final report. Canadian Nurses Association.


2016  - Clinical Lectureship Award, Patient Activation and Self-Management Support As Essential Elements of Person-Centred Cancer Care: Implications for Nursing Practice, Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology.

2015 - Lifetime Achievement Award, Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology.

2008  - Eli Lilly Mentorship Award, Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology,. Co-recipient with Lorraine Martelli-Reid.

2007 -  Award of Excellence in Oncology Nursing Research, Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology. 

2004 ​- The Helen Hudson Memorial Lectureship Award, Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology. Co-recipient with B. Love and E. Green

2003-2005  - Post Doctoral Fellowship Award, Canadian Health Services Research Foundation ($100,000)

2002 - Best Abstract Award, McMaster University Nursing Research Day, Hamilton, ON. Bryant-Lukosius, D., Browne, G., DiCenso, A., Gafni, A., & Neville, A. (2003).

The prevalence of mental health disorders and their relationship to health-related quality of life and health care costs in advanced prostate cancer.

1999-2001 - Nursing Fellowship in Malignant Urology, Hamilton Regional Cancer Centre ($100,000).

1997 - Best Qualitative Research Poster, McMaster University Nursing Research Day,  Hamilton, ON.Co-recipient with Linda Masko.

1996 - National Award of Excellence in Education,Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology. Co-recipient with B.Love for developing the Adult and Paediatric Oncology Nursing Programmes.


Contraception and Abortion Research Team (CART) Canadian NP Mifepristone Implementation Study.
Nominated PI: Norman, W., Co-PIs: Martin-Misener, R., Roussel, J. Co-investigators: Brooks, M., Bryant-Lukosius, D., Davies, C., Dunn, S., Gill, R., Guilbert, B., Henry, B., Kaczorowski, J., Kendall, T., Kilpatrick, K., McGrail, K., McPherson, C, Munro, S., Prodan-Bhalia, N., Rayner, J., Renner, R., Soon, J., Stroulia, E., & Wagner, M. 
CIHR Project Grant. October 2018 to September 21, 2021. $481,950        

Integrating Registered Nurses into Primary Care Across Canada.
Nominated Project Lead: Lukewich, J., Co-investigators: Allard, M., Ashley, L., Bryant-Lukosius, D., Martin-Misener, M., Matthews, M., Poitras, M., Tranmer, J., Valaitis, R, & Wong, S.
CIHR Project Grant. July 2018 to January 2020. $91,800

Evaluation Study of the Impact of Implementing a Draft to Develop Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANPs) to Meet Service Need
Co-Principal Investigators: Drennan, J., Brady, A.M. Co-Investigators: Bryant-Lukosius, D., Cotter, P., Elliot, N., Flemming, S., Hegarty, J., Lehane, E., & Savage, E.
Health Services Executive, Ireland. April 20, 2018. €149,589

Person-Centred Self-Management Support: Innovations in Cancer Care to Improve Health Outcomes and Experiences
Principal Investigator: D. Bryant-Lukosius
Lewis and Ruth Sherman Foundation, January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2019. $490,000

Patient Empowerment and New Models of Personalized Cancer Care         
Co-Principal Investigators: D. Bryant-Lukosius & R. Jurgeons. Co-Investigator: C. Cordon
Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation Gala Research Grant, April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018. $25,000

Improving Cancer Pain and Symptom Management Through Knowledge Translation. 
Co-Principal Investigators:  D. Bryant-Lukosius, & G. Cummings. Co-Investigators: L. Farrelly,  M. Fitch, M. Forbes, E. Green, A. Greenberg, D.Manii, L. Martelli-Reid, P. Miller, S. Molloy, G. Pond, H. Seow, A. Smith, A. Snider, L. Watson, J. Wiernikowski. Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute (CCSRI) August 1, 2013 to July 31, 2015, $100,000.

Leadership and Innovation in Oncology Advanced Practice Nursing: Providing Effective Self-Management Support in New Models of Post-Treatment Follow-Up and Cancer Survivorship Care. Lewis and Ruth Sherman Foundation Principal Investigator: D. Bryant-Lukosius.  $330,000.   

Measuring Factors that Influence Nurse Practitioner (NP) Activities and the Implications for Optimizing NP panel size. Co-Principal Investigators: Donald, R., & Martin-Misener, R.  Co-Investigators: K. Kilpatrick, D. Bryant-Lukosius, I. Bourgeault, N. Carter, N. Akhtar-Danesh,  & R. Glazier. Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Health Services Research Fund April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2015, $483,000.

Expansion of the "Trillium Project": An Innovative Academic-Practice Partnership to Integrate Research Activities into Clinical Practice 
Co-Principal Investigators: D. Bryant-Lukosius & P. Harbman 
Co-Investigators: N. Carter, F. Donald, K. Kilpatrick, R. Martin-Misener, D. Sherfali, J. Tramner, R. Valaitis.  Trillium Health Partners, April 1, 2016- March 31, 2019. $180,000.

The Ontario Oncology APN Interprofessional e-Mentorship Program – Expansion to All Oncology Nursing Roles in Ontario.
Principal Investigator: D. Bryant-Lukosius
Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and the de Souza Institute.
September 08 to March 2013. $1,573,295



Dr. Bryant-Lukosius is a health service and policy researcher with expertise in knowledge translation, program development and evaluation, and participatory action research using qualitative and quantitative methods. She is well known internationally for developing mentorship and education programs, frameworks, and tools to support the effective implementation and evaluation of specialized and advanced nursing roles. She has expertise in designing and evaluating clinical nurse specialist and nurse practitioner roles for a variety of patient populations in acute, primary, community, and long-term care. More recent efforts have focused on the international development of clinical nurse specialist and nurse practitioner roles in countries where these roles are absent or just emerging.

Dr. Bryant-Lukosius is currently developing an exciting new program of research related to precision medicine, a rapidly emerging approach to the prevention and treatment of cancer. Using a chronic disease management lens, a key aim of this research is to promote patient empowerment and provide effective self-management support. Experience-based co-design methods will be used to actively engage patients and healthcare providers to design improved models of care. In collaboration with international colleagues, she is also conducting research to optimize the use of patient reported outcomes for cancer pain and symptom management related to immunotherapies. Other funded collaborative research projects will develop and test self-management support interventions involving electronic patient education resources and nurse coaching for patients receiving cancer treatment.




Dr. Bryant-Lukosius supervises and mentors post-doctoral fellows, PhD, and master's students, all of whom have been successful in receiving scholarships and research awards. She encourages and supports students to conduct interdisciplinary and decision-maker linked research. Students have completed scholarly projects or conducted research involving a variety of clinical, health service, and policy topics in areas such mental health, chronic disease management, leadership, cancer survivorship, cancer screening, treatment decision-making, palliative care, transitions in care, primary healthcare, and advance practice nursing.
Dr. Bryant-Lukosius teaches in the graduate program related to advanced practice nursing, research, and evidence-informed practice. In other international graduate nursing programs she has supervised post-graduate research trainees, been a visiting professor, and is frequent guest lecturer. 


Dr. Bryant-Lukosius teaches in the clinical practicum and problem-based learning courses in the 4th year of the undergraduate program.


A keen area of interest is working with clinical nurse specialists and nurse practitioners in practice settings to further expand their knowledge, skills, and confidence in leading and participating in research, quality improvement, and evidence-informed practice initiatives. She also provides teaching and consultation for advanced practice nurses and health care decision-makers about how to best design, implement and evaluate advanced nursing roles in new models of care delivery.


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