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Colleen McKey


Dr. Colleen McKey is a retired faculty member. She joined McMaster University in 1999 as a Lecturer and was promoted with permanence to Associate Professor. She taught in the undergraduate and graduate programs in the areas of leadership and management. Dr. McKey held a graduate faculty appointment and supervised Masters and PhD students. As well she held an appointment in the Master of Health Science Education Program where is taught and sat on thesis committees.

Dr. McKey was the Director of the Leadership and Management Program from 2000-2017. She held the roles of Associate Director Academic Resources from 2002-2009; Assistant Dean Academic Resources 2009-2014; and Assistant Dean and Associate Director School of Nursing 2014-2017. As well she was the Lead FHS Academic Leadership Portfolio from 2012-2017. In addition, Dr. McKey served on numerous Nursing, Faculty of Health Science, and University committees including Senate. Throughout her career Dr. McKey served on local to national boards and task forces. She is an Accreditation Reviewer with the Canadian Association Schools of Nursing and a Quality Reviewer for the Institutional Quality Assurance Process Reviews Program in Ontario.

Select Publications

  • Sue Bookey-Bassett, S., Markle-Reid, M., McKey, C. & Akhtar-Danesh, N. (2016) A Review of Instruments to Measure Interprofessional Collaboration for Chronic Disease Management for Community-Living Older Adults, Journal of Interprofessional Care, 30:2, 201-210, DOI: 10.3109/13561820.2015.1123233
  • McKey, C. (2014). Building Teams Through Communication and Partnerships. Leading and Managing in Nursing First Canadian Edition. Toronto, ON.
  • Cziraki, K., McKey, C., Peachey, G., Baxter, P., & Flaherty, B. (2013). Factors that attract and retain RNs in the first line manager role. Journal of Nursing Management. DOI: 10.1111/jonm.12093.


  • Walsh, A., Wong, A., McKey, C., Grant, C., C., Coman, L., Bakker, D., & Preston, R. (2014-2015) Peer Coaching of Teaching.McMaster Forward With Integrity Fund, $20,000
  • Wong, A. McKey, C., & Bayer, I. (2014) Soul on Fire: Narratives to Inspire. Forward with Integrity Provost Fund. $5,000.
  •  McKey, C., Mohide, E. A., Skelly, J., Noesgaard, C., Nagel, K., & Pope-Lyster, C. (2013) Peer to Peer Review of Scholarly Teaching. NERU. $1,900.
  • Wong, A., & McKey, C.  (2013) Leaning in: Gender and leadershipFaculty of Health Science Continuing Education Department Funding. $14,000.


Dr. McKey’s research and scholarship foci include leadership and management; professional practice; and faculty development.


Dr. McKey’s teaching philosophy is based on the belief that the roles of teacher and learner are intertwined. Her vision of education is the creation of learner, faculty, and practice partnerships that create change opportunities in professional practice environments. It is in these environments that interaction and discovery take place between the educator and learner, between learners, and among the educator, learner, and practice setting.


NB406/HS4E06: Leadership and Management in Health Care Organizations

N4Z03/HS4Z03: Conflict Management in Health Care Organizations

N4I03/HS4I03: Leading Effective Teams in Health Care Organizations

N4HH3/HS4HH3: Quality Management in Health Care Organizations

N4DD6/HS4DD6: Advanced Leadership Management in Health Care Organizations

N4FF3/HS4FF3: Integrative Leadership Project 


NUR 707: Theoretical Foundations of Leadership and Management

NUR 724: Theoretical Foundations of Leadership Effectiveness

HSEDUC 706: MSc Health Science Education Program


  • Au, R., Dhaliwal, D., Byrne, C. & McKey,C. (2016). Exploring The Future Needs of Nursing Education. Canadian Association Schools of Nursing Education Conference May 2016. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Poster
  • Wong, A., Barrington,J., Bayer,I., McKey,C., Ahmad, A., Wainmann, B. (2015). Inspiring Through the Heart: The Souls on Fire Podcast Project. Conference for Physician Health. March 2016.Singapore Philippines.
  • McKey, C. Mohide, E.A., Noesgaard, C., Skelly, J., Nagel, K. & Pope-Lyster, C. (2014). Peer To Peer Professional Development: One School of Nursing’s Journey to Create a Peer Review Program-Oral NETNEP, June 2014. Netherlands
  • McKey, C., Mohide, A., Skelly, J., Noesgaard, C., Nagel, K. & Pope-Lyster, C. (2014). Creating a Peer Review Program:  One School’s Journey of Peer to Peer Professional Development CASN Education Conference, Halifax NS, June 2014.

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