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Fall 2020 Updates

July 6, 2020

Fall 2020: Frequently Asked Questions 

Question: Will any of the BScN courses be in-person this Fall?
Answer: The clinical lab courses in the Basic (N1I02) and the Accelerated Streams (N2U04) will be conducted in-person in the simulation lab. The number of labs will vary depending on the stream. The Basic and Accelerated streams will have about 6-7 in-person labs. The RPN stream will have a few more labs in their 3A04 course. All in-person clinical placements in levels 3 and 4  are being planned as usual. The community clinical course (3QQ3) will be offered virtually in the Fall. 

Question: Will BScN courses be in-person in the Winter term?
Answer: At present, the university is planning for in-person delivery in January. As such, the BScN program will plan for in-person classes and labs.

Question: Is there any on campus housing for nursing students who have in-person labs?
Answer: Yes, nursing students have been provided priority access since they have in-person labs. Please contact and specify that you are a nursing student with in-person classes.

Question:  Since the Fall term is online and level 2 learners do not have clinical placements, is there still a requirement to complete Non-Academic Requirements (NARS)?
Answer: As a student in a professional program, you will need to complete NARS every year that you are in the program. This information is posted on our website:

Question: For course selection, why does mosaic still show my application status?
Answer: There are processes that take place automatically that change your status in Mosaic. This may take a bit of time, but it will be updated prior to enrolment in your courses. This takes place in early to mid-July.  If you would like to see the courses you will be taking, this information is available on our website:
If you have additional questions about your academic plan, please contact academic advising

Question: In first year, do we need to buy a stethoscope, a blood pressure cuff and a uniform?
Answer: Yes, you would need to buy each of these items, in addition to your text books. In order to assist you with this, the program office has organized special lab kits for clinical courses in levels 1-3 of the program. An information sheet with these details and how to purchase has just been sent out.

Question: Where do I look to keep informed of BScN program updates for the Fall?
Answer: The program has posted information in two locations. For incoming first year students, please visit our admission page:
Returning students can review Fall updates on the following link:



June 6, 2020

Dear Returning Student,

By now you have received information that the Fall term will be online. In the University President's messaging, it was noted there may be a few exceptions for health professional courses. This exception includes professional practice courses in the BScN program.

With the uncertainty of placement approvals in hospital and community agencies this Fall, we have had to make some difficult decisions. Our decisions have considered what is possible in terms of clinical placements during this pandemic and what we may need to delay to ensure appropriate academic planning. We have also considered elements of equity across our Consortium, with the same decision applied at each of our sites.

At this time, we are hopeful we can attain Level 3 and 4 placements. In Level 3, the Community Practice Course (3QQ3) will be offered as an online, virtual offering.

In terms of level 2, the following changes will be made for this academic year:

  • 2L03 will be offered in the Winter term instead of this Fall
  • 2P03 will be offered in the Spring/Summer
  • A 3-unit elective can be taken in the Fall term instead of the Winter

As a Collaborative BScN Program, our commitment continues to be educational quality in a safe learning environment for both you and your teachers. Should anything change in terms of the above information, we will communicate this to you in an email.

If you have specific questions that have not been addressed, please email

Kind Regards,

Joanna Pierazzo, RN, PhD
Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Nursing Programs
Associate Professor, School of Nursing

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